Booking Policy

1.Those who make reservations through our booking system are required to pay the room price in order to reserve the rooms and prices.


2.Your provided credit card account will be charged after you make the payments on the website.


3.To guarantee the transaction security of your credit card, our hotel requires the personal information of the booking person and check-in person to match. Identification documents such as an ID card or the original credit card must be presented during check-in.


4.After the online booking is confirmed, the booking details (e.g. room type, number of rooms, date) may no longer be changed online. If you need to change the booking details, please cancel the booking online and make a new booking. After the re-booking is complete, the canceled fees will not be charged.


5.After the online booking is confirmed, you need to cancellation please contact the hotel’s booking center.


6.The prices online include tax and service fees.


7.The hotel’s check-in time is after 15:00 and the check-out time is before 12:00 noon.


8.If typhoons, earthquakes, natural disasters or other unavoidable factors occur on the booking dates, the postponement and cancellation decisions are based on the weather conditions and effects issued by the government. Please contact the hotel’s booking center within three days of the check-in date (including the day of check-in).


9.Weekdays, Holidays and Special Occasions are defined by our hotel.


Payment Policy

1.The price announced at the website might vary according to the differences of each sales projects. The price you see at the website is the fixed price of the room. Only the price shown at the phase of payment confirmed in the online room booking system is the actual price.


2.To maintain the transaction security of your credit card, the personal information of the online booking person and check-in person need to match. The ID card and credit card must be presented during check-in. Our hotel will verify and register your identity.


3.Those who make reservations on our booking system agree to pay the full room price. After the credit card payment is completed on the website, the credit card account you provided will be charged. Please check carefully when you confirm the payment. For any questions related to the price, please call us for the details before booking. The processing fees generated by online booking cancellations must be paid by the person who made the booking.


4.The deposit charge for the hotel’s online booking is in accordance with the “Contract of Adhesion” regulation issued by the Tourism Bureau. The deposit is “30% of the total room price of this booking.” Deductions for booking cancellations are carried out in accordance with the regulation ratios:



5.If our hotel has time-sensitive or limited bookings, the price and details are adjusted according to the promotions. The actual deposit deduction ratios are based on the announcement details of the promotions.


Privacy Policy

This website provides secure transactions, we have absolute respect for and protection towards the privacy of our website’s users. The following contents will allow you to understand how we gather, use and protect the personal information that you provide.


Gathering policy of personal information

In order for you to make transactions and obtain information on this website, we will request you to provide personal information such as user ID (account), password, name, national ID number, phone number, fax number, email and address.


Application policy of the gathered personal information

The information that you enter on the website will only be used for transactions, event notices, electronic newspapers or DMs.


Sharing of personal information with third parties

1. Without your consent, we will never sell, exchange or rent out the personal information gathered on this website to other groups or individuals, or for any other uses not listed above.

2. If our website is providing other services or promotions and we need to share your personal information with the providers (co-hosting events or promotions with other businesses), we will fully explain such an event. You can freely choose whether to accept or decline the specific service or promotion.


Application and policy on cookies

In order to provide you with a more comprehensive personalized service, our website may use cookies to record and analyze user behavior. These records can identify the user and set specific preferences based on different behaviors. If you do not wish to accept cookies, please use the browser settings to remove them. You may not be able to use some of the services provided by this website though.


Amendment rights related to the privacy policy

The privacy policy of this website will be amended based on the technology development trends, amendments to related regulations or other environmental changes in order to ensure and guarantee the users’ privacy rights. The amended policy will be adjusted and published on the website.